Deep Transformation Therapeutic Retreats

Morning Sun Mindfulness Center is happy to present our first Deep Transformation retreat with Order of Interbeing member and author, Tim Desmond.

Date: August 12
Location: Morning Sun Mindfulness Center
Price: $250 program fee + $15 breakfast & lunch


We recommend retreatants stay overnight nearby Morning Sun. This AirBnB is off the grid and just a few minutes away.

6:15 Arrive
6:30 Opening Ceremony
7:00 Individual Sessions & Sitting/Walking/Journaling
8:00 Silent Breakfast
9:00 Individual Sessions & Sitting/Walking/Journaling
12:00 Dharma Sharing
1:00 Silent Lunch
2:00 Individual Sessions & Sitting/Walking/Journaling
4:45 Closing Circle
5:30 Retreat Ends

This event will combine a daylong mindfulness retreat with individual guided therapy sessions with Tim Desmond. Each retreatant will leave the hall for one 30 min guided session in the morning, and one 20 min session in the afternoon. The rest of the day will consist of sitting, walking, journaling, and dharma sharing.
It will be an opportunity to receive individual guidance in your practice, especially around any deep emotional knots or obstacles. Because of the individual focus of the retreat, we can only host 8 participants per day. We'll organize more days like this based on the demand.
The first day will be held at Morning Sun Mindfulness Center on August 12.
Tim Desmond is a co-founder of Morning Sun Mindfulness Center and Distinguished Faculty Scholar at Antioch University. He was ordained into the OI in 2005, and is the author of Self-Compassion in Psychotherapy and The Self-Compassion Skills Workbook.
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