Foundations of Self-Compassion Training

with Tim Desmond, author of Self-Compassion in Psychotherapy

A 12-week online immersion into the theory and practice of self-compassion.

What is Offered?

  • 12 weeks of video content.
  • Each week of the training explores a different topic, listed below.
  • Each week is comprised of three short lectures and one guided practice.
  • You will track your own progress in developing compassion, self-compassion and well-being using empirically validated measures.
  • You will keep an online journal with your personal notes from each lecture and practice that will be yours forever.
  • You can sign up for optional practice reminders that you receive via SMS text message to your phone. These reminders will serve as little bells of mindfulness to help you practice during your busy week.
  • You can participate in a Discussion Forum with others taking the course.
  • You will have access to the Retreat Finder and Sangha Finder tools to help you incorporate meditation retreats and local meditation groups into your life.
  • The training can be accessed any time and anywhere, including from mobile and tablet devices.

Weekly Topics

  1. True Presence
  2. Awakening Compassion
  3. Cultivating Well-Being
  4. Embracing Suffering
  5. Compassion and Modularity
  6. The Wisdom of Interbeing 
  7. Working with Self-Criticism
  8. The Garden of the Mind
  9. Dealing with Difficult People
  10. Practicing with Anxiety and Fear
  11. Opening the Heart 
  12. Creating a Better World 

Why choose online training?

We know that self-compassion has the power to help us let go of anxiety, anger and suffering from the past, as well as to develop greater peace of mind, strength of presence, and a more open heart.

But we also know that these benefits come from practice, not just accumulating knowledge.

That is why the Foundations of Self-Compassion training is structured to help you deeply internalize self-compassion, rather than merely learning about it.

While reading a book or attending a two-day seminar can be an excellent start, most of us really benefit from having concrete support to help us put what we’ve learned into practice in our lives.

The practice of self-compassion has completely changed my life and the lives of many of my clients -- and I believe it could change yours. Sign up for a completely free 7-day trial of the FSC training and see for yourself.

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